Is Hair Transplantation Correct While Hair Loss Continues?

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If you are not satisfied with your current hairstyle and suffer from hair loss, you can overcome them with hair team procedures. You can regain your self-confidence by getting rid of hair loss, which mostly develops due to genetic and environmental factors.

Does Hair Transplantation Damage Existing Hair?

If your hair loss has not been completed yet, a detailed preliminary evaluation should be made by your surgeon before hair transplantation. Thus, it should be evaluated whether it is appropriate to have a hair transplant without damaging your hair that has not yet shed.

A correct preliminary examination and evaluation is very important in order not to damage your hair that has not completely shed while shedding continues. In such a case, it is generally better to postpone the hair transplant procedure in case your existing hair is damaged.

Should Hair Transplantation During Shedding Be Renewed?

Hair transplantation procedure may not be very suitable for people whose shedding process still continues. Because although hair grows back permanently in the area where hair transplantation is applied, it has no effect on the hair around it. Therefore, it may be necessary to renew the transplantation process in order to fill the gaps that occur after the hair transplantation procedures applied while the shedding process continues. This causes new costs to arise and you to experience the same process again.

Except for sudden hair loss, which is a normal situation in the hair transplanted by applying hair transplantation procedures, no different hair loss problem occurs. Because the donor area used for hair transplantation is the nape. Hair follicles in this area are generally not affected by hormones that cause hair loss. Therefore, these hair follicles do not pose a risk of hair loss in the transferred area.

It is very important that your existing hair in the area where hair transplantation is applied is not damaged. For this reason, you need to get support from experienced and experts in this field.

Finally, if your hair shedding continues, your age may not be suitable for hair transplantation. In such a case, it is better to wait until the age of 30 and above for hair transplantation, if possible. In addition, it is very important to make an adequate evaluation before the procedure in order to determine the right time for the hair transplant procedure.

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