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Hair loss is normal for women as well as men. Women’s hair transplantation is performed with tools developed with the help of technology in order to regain the hair that has been lost due to different reasons and factors. You can find all the details about hair transplant for women in this content.

We can understand that women give importance to their appearance by the various procedures they have done. One of the most important factors affecting the appearance is the hair. Hair, which is preferred in different forms such as short and long, is dyed to make it even more beautiful. Although women do the necessary masks, oils and care for their hair, sometimes they cannot prevent shedding.

In the face of hair loss caused by various factors, women lose self-confidence and feel psychologically uncomfortable. In this situation, female hair transplantation is applied to regain full, cool and healthy hair.


Why Do Women Experience Hair Loss?

There are many reasons that can cause hair loss. These include stress, distress and seasonal changes. In the health field, iron deficiency and hormonal disorders cause hair loss. In addition, the fact that cosmetic products such as shampoo and conditioner are not suitable for your hair type and that frequent procedures such as hair dye, perm and blow-drying pave the way for hair loss. In addition, genetic predisposition, chronic diseases, hair growth disorders and medications can also cause hair loss. If hair loss lasts for a long time and there are treatments applied, if hair loss does not stop, there may be signs of serious disease. People who face this problem should contact specialist doctors.

Women Hair Loss

Hair loss usually starts 3 to 4 months after the triggering factor and can return to normal 6 to 12 months after these factors are treated. For completely lost hair, it is necessary to undergo operations such as female hair transplantation .

How is Hair Transplant for Women?

The hairs called healthy hair on the scalp are approximately 100 thousand. Depending on the combing and washing of these hairs, it is normal to lose 100 to 150 hairs.

In a healthy person, hair loss can last up to 2 months. Doctors report that this situation, which can be experienced 3 times in a year, should not exceed 2 months.

Women’s hair transplantation can be performed on the weakened or even bald scalp .

Local anesthesia local anesthesia is applied for women who will have hair transplantation. Hair follicles taken from the hair in the nape of women are supplemented to the area where there is no hair or that has decreased. After this procedure, which lasts approximately 6 to 8 hours, swelling, redness, crusting and tenderness are observed in the treated area. Until this situation passes, attention should be paid to the area where female hair transplantation and hair follicles are added. Employees can return to work life 10 days after the operation.

What is the Success Rate in Hair Transplant for Women?

For women who are considering a hair transplant, the procedures are done without shaving. Thanks to the fact that there is no need for shaving other than the place where the graft will be taken, women can continue their lives without having to stay away from social life and without waiting for the hair growth process.

Women’s hair transplant success rate is approximately 99 percent. The most important factors in achieving this success rate are the person’s scalp structure, the correct number of grafts needed and the treatments to be applied in accordance with the condition causing hair loss.

What are the Types of Hair Transplantation in Women?

Hair transplantation methods continue to diversify with the help of technology. There are two most preferred and known methods. In both methods, the live hair follicle is taken from the suitable scalp and transplanted in a short time. Local anesthesia is applied to women who will have hair transplantation before the operation.

Hair Transplant for Women in Turkey

Female hair transplantation is done in 2 different directions is that the hair removal method is different. In the first method, the hair follicles between the two ears are taken and made to form a line. In the second method, the hair follicles located at the back of the head, namely the nape, are taken and transplanted to the desired area. In both methods, there is no permanent scar. Other methods other than these methods called Fue and Fut are Dhi, hyperbaric, robotic and manual punch methods.

Hair transplant for women , it is necessary to consult with specialist doctors. The doctor should determine the hair loss rate of the person and the appropriate hair transplant method should be determined. As a result of selecting the appropriate graft site for the transplant area, the desired performance is achieved.

Unshaven Hair Transplant for Women

The procedure that is generally applied in terms of external beauty is unshaven hair transplantation for women . Transplantation is done by shaving very small in the area where the graft will be taken. The issue that those who choose this method should know while performing hair transplantation and transplantation is that there is a possibility of damage to other healthy hair follicles.

Long Hair Transplant for Women

Long hair transplantation in women , it is done without touching the hair with the razor. The hair that is thought to be frozen is collected to be long. The collected hair is transplanted to the planned area for hair transplantation.

The operation time takes approximately 7 hours. It will be sufficient for 3 hours to take the hair follicle, 1 hour for the removal of the canals and closing the canals, and 3 hours for the transplant soot. This period, which varies from person to person, may also vary according to the scalp. Local anesthesia is applied in the operations and the person does not feel any pain. At the end of the operation, people are asked to rest for three days.

What are the Hair Transplant Stages for Women?

The first stage applied to people who are considering hair transplantation is the preparation stage. Before the people who will have hair transplantation are taken to the operating room, a blood test is done. After the test result is completed, the examination and hair analysis phase is performed, and the anesthesia phase required for the operation is started. The female hair transplantation operation , which starts with the graft collection phase, is completed after the channel opening, closing and transplantation procedures are completed.

What is the Difference Between Hair Transplantation in Women and Men?

Male and female hair transplantation is shaving. Men are easier and risk-free because hair transplant is done as a shave. Although it is more difficult for women to want a hair transplant without shaving, it is a subject that requires expertise.

What are the Prices of Hair Transplant for Women?

People who want to have hair transplantation should choose doctors who have gained expertise in their field and have certificates. Otherwise, distressing situations may occur for the person’s appearance and psychological problems may occur. In order to prevent this situation, support should be sought from people who have safe, hygienic environments and give guarantees.

The ten important factors affecting the knowledge of hair transplant for women prices, the number of grafts and the desired operation are varied. Other factors that affect the price are the expertise of the doctor, clinical staff, the tools used and the tests required. The price of hair transplantation can be clarified after necessary checks by doctors who have gained expertise in the field. In order to get detailed information, it will be sufficient to meet with a Turkey Hair Academy‘s female hair transplant specialist and research the previous hair transplant operations.

For Women, Why Turkey (Hair Transplantation) is the Best for Hair Transplantation

The probability of experiencing a problem of hair loss that requires hair transplantation in women is relatively lower than in men.

Despite this, the negative effects of hair loss on women are greater than on men, in terms of having a good appearance and feeling well psychologically. There are many different reasons for the emergence of hair loss that is so intense that it requires hair transplantation among women. These are vitamin deficiencies due to malnutrition, that is, lack of proper nutrition, high or vice versa, low secretion of some hormones, and finally, post-traumatic stress disorders due to stress and psychological traumas. When we look at the world in general, Turkey comes first in terms of the correct application and successful hair transplantation techniques, which is one of the solutions to the problem of female pattern hair loss. There are two main reasons for this. The first is the application of medically advanced hair transplant techniques to women in Turkey and the fact that those who apply these techniques are highly experts in terms of knowledge and case experience. These two main reasons cause many women living anywhere in the world to prefer Turkey for hair transplantation and to feel safe in the hands of Turkish specialists.

Hair Transplant for Women
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