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You can find all the questions and answers about unshaven hair transplant in this content. Check out our content for answers to questions such as how unshaven hair transplant is done, what are the stages, where is the best center for unshaven and painless hair transplant in Istanbul, why Turkey is the best option for unshaven hair transplantation.

What is Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

Unshaven hair transplantation is the name given to the hair transplantation process without shaving in any way, with a little shaving from the back of the head, which is the area called the donor, where the roots will be taken, and the area where the transplantation will be made.

Generally, the unshaven hair transplantation method is often preferred for small areas, ie only the crown area or rare hair loss in a different part of the head. In this method, although people often think of not shaving at all, as we said at the beginning, a small and partial shave is made from the nape, which is a small and fast-healing area. Since the hair follicles to be taken are in a limited and invisible area, and the nape side heals quickly, this does not cause a big problem.

How is Unshaved Hair Transplant Performed?

The unshaven hair transplantation method is the process that takes place by collecting the donor hair follicles from the back of the person’s head, namely the nape, and transplanting them into the channels opened to the area where the hair transplantation will be performed.

In unshaven hair transplantation, the duration of the operation varies from person to person and according to the technique performed. For some operations, even a single session is not sufficient. However, compared to other hair transplantation methods, the Unshaven hair transplantation method can offer more people what they expect. In addition, since the operations are accompanied by local anesthesia, they do not feel pain.

How Does Unshaven Hair Transplant Work?

Unshaven hair transplantation generally consists of roughly 6 stages.

unshaven hair transplant stages

  1. Consultation Phase

During the consultation phase, a general operation planning is made by professional doctors. The frontotemporal hair angle is created by drawing the necessary Frontal and Temporal hair diagrams. These lines and angles are extremely important for hair transplantation. And at this stage, all the results that will be done and that may occur are explained to the patient in detail.

  1. Preparation Phase

At this stage, the hair is completely cleaned, washed and sterilized. The area is shaved from the nape, which is the part to be used as a donor, according to the need. And the operation area to be transplanted is sterilized.

  1. Root Gathering Phase

At this stage, it starts with the injection of the saline liquid necessary for the correct and comfortable collection of the roots in the nape area. After the saline fluid is injected, it is very important to collect the grafts correctly. The patient does not feel any pain at this stage.

  1. Channel Opening Phase

In the area to be transplanted, the roots to be transplanted should be in the same direction and at the same depth as the existing hair. During this process, the channels should be adjusted according to a special angle and this process should be done carefully. The number of opened canals must be the same as the transplanted roots. At this stage, the point to be considered is that the distance of the hair should be adjusted very well, otherwise complications occur.

  1. Hair Transplant Phase

This is the last step in the planting phase. The extracted roots are placed in the opened channels and integration processes are performed. It is very important that the hair follicles are placed correctly in the opened channels.

  1. Completion of Hair Transplantation

This stage is the final stage for all transactions. Finally, platelet-rich plasma treatment is applied to make the hair stronger and the patient heals better and faster, and finally, dressing is applied.

Techniques Used in Unshaven Hair Transplantation

There are multiple techniques used in unshaven hair transplantation. These hair transplantation techniques are determined according to the demands of the person and the planning of the operation.

FUE Hair Transplant Technique

In this technique, which means Fue (Follicular Unit Extraction), that is, Follicular Unit Extraction, hair follicles are taken one by one with local anesthesia by means of special-tipped micro motors and placed one by one on balding areas, taking into account the natural hair growth angle and direction.

No cuts are formed when using this technique. No sewing. Small scratches occur only in the areas where the roots are taken. The operation is performed completely under local anesthesia. And it doesn’t usually happen all at once, it’s done by taking a break from time to time during the day.

Fue hair transplantation technique has sub-innovations such as Micro FUE Hair Transplantation Technique, Saphire FUE Hair Transplantation, Soft FUE Hair Transplantation.

This technique, which entered the medical literature in 2002, is one of the most preferred hair transplantation methods today.

DHI Hair Transplantation Technique

Dhi (Direct Hair Implantation), meaning Direct Hair Transplantation, means that the grafts are collected thanks to the medical pen called choi, which should be used by experts in this technique. Afterwards, the hair taken with this pen is placed directly on the skin without an incision or channel.

What distinguishes the Dhi Hair Transplantation technique from the FUE hair transplantation method is that while these operations are performed in separate times in FUE, the procedure is performed in one go, thanks to the special pen used in this technique. In addition, by reducing the process to one, more comfort and convenience is provided to the patient.

While there are more procedures in FUE hair transplantation technique, there are fewer steps in DHI. The purpose of the application; To increase the quality of hair transplantation, to provide an intense image, to preserve the existing hairy image and to try to ensure that the person who has the hair transplant returns to his daily life quickly without shortening the hair.

Sapphire PERCUTAN Hair Transplantation Technique

Sapphire Percutaneous hair transplantation method is one of the most preferred hair transplantation methods today. This practical and effective method is applied by grooving with fine-tipped sapphire tips. Grafts are taken one by one with micro motors, depending on the person’s neck and needs. According to the number of grafts taken, small micro channels are opened on the predetermined line and the grafts are placed one by one.

What are the Risks of Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

In general, the point to be considered in hair transplant and unshaven hair transplantation is that these operations must be performed by experts, these operations are completely dependent on the skills of the person performing the operation. The better your specialist, the better your hair transplant will be.

Unfortunately, hair can be lost when the distance between the hair follicles is not adjusted well while intensifying during unshaved hair transplantation.

During this operation, the operation time that the patient has to endure is quite long.

It is very important that the operation is provided in an absolutely hygienic environment. The more hygienic the operation is performed, the lower the risk of infection or complications after the operation.

What are the Benefits of Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

After unshaven hair transplantation, people with long hair may have the appearance of almost no hair transplantation within 9 to 13 days.

Since the healing process takes place in a faster time compared to other hair transplantation methods, the return time to social and business life of people who have hair transplantation takes place in a shorter time.

Unshaven hair transplantation method Since it is done without shaving, the natural appearance of the hair is not impaired and it does not need to be extended again.

The healing process is much faster due to the amount of hair follicles to be used during transplantation and the small area to be transplanted.

More successful results are obtained than other hair transplantation methods.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Prices

While determining the price of the operations performed with this technique, different fees are charged depending on factors such as the method to be used (FUE, DHI), the number of grafts, the structure of the person’s hair and the area to be transplanted.

Fue or DHI sowing methods are generally used in unshaven sowing procedures. There are also differences between the pricing of both methods. In addition, the size of the area to be planted will also determine which method should be used.

The prices of unshaven hair transplantation may be slightly higher than other hair transplantation methods, namely hair transplantation by shaving. The reason for this small difference is that this process requires much more attention and care compared to other methods. In addition, it is the most important condition for the operation to be carried out by a team of experts.

For unshaven hair transplant prices, you can visit our clinic or call our phone numbers to get the necessary information.

Why Turkey for Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

With the methods developing day by day, people from various parts of the world come to Turkey for hair transplantation. This method is especially preferred because unshaven hair transplantation has become popular in recent years and you can continue your normal life on the same day without any problems. On the other hand, we can easily say that Turkey is ahead of the world in Unshaven Hair Transplantation, that is, FUE. America and Europe are referred to as (U-FUE), that is, undetectable Fue.

unshaven hair transplant in turkey

Advantages of Unshaven Hair Transplantation in Turkey

One of the issues that Turkey has proven itself in the health sector is undoubtedly the point of unshaven hair transplantation. Our country has become very interesting in health in recent years. Many people with health problems came to Turkey for various reasons and received health services. In recent years, Unshaven Hair Transplantation has also been done by people from abroad. In addition, it is much simpler to find expert teams and to perform this process with much more affordable prices compared to other countries.

Which Is The Best Unshaven Hair Transplant Clinic In Turkey?

Advancing health technologies have made it possible for hair transplant centers to offer a much higher success rate than before. Our clinic is one of the centers that best applies the Unshaven Hair Transplantation method in Turkey with its specialist doctors.

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