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There are various factors that can affect the appearance of a man’s face and the beard can surely be considered among these factors. Basically, a beard gives a man a masculine look and it can be a great way to express his style. However, in certain cases, you may not grow a beard in a way that you really want to. This can happen due to many different reasons and may affect how you look and how you feel about yourself. If that is the case for you, you might want to learn about beard transplantation.


What is Beard Transplantation?

Because of a variety of factors you might not be able to grow your beard in the way that you want. For example, your beard may be sparse or in certain places it may not be connecting to the other areas. While there may be genetic reasons behind such a thing, beard shape may be affected from other things such as accidents and certain disorders. In beard transplantation, an expert surgeon takes hair follicles from another area of the body (mostly the back of the head), and then places these hair follicles on the beard area.

How is Beard Transplantation Performed?

If you are planning to go through this process you might be curious about beard transplantation procedures and how this process is actually performed. A really important thing to remember about this operation is that it must be performed by a trained professional. Although the basic principle behind the operation is quite simple, it requires a good amount of experience and knowledge about the procedure. Simply put, in this process, the surgeon transfers hair follicles from the donor site to the beard area, as we have stated before. Also, the process is carried out under local anesthesia.

What are the Stages of Beard Transplantation?

When you are considering going through a medical procedure like this you may have a lot of questions in your mind. For instance, the stages of this operation can be something that you want to know about the beard transplantation procedures. First of all, before the operation, all of the examinations that are necessary must be done. After the analyses and plans are carefully done, local anesthesia is applied in order to start the transplantation process. Finally, the surgeon carries out the transplantation process by taking hair follicles from another area and placing them in the beard region.

Beard Transplant Stages

What are the Techniques Used in Beard Transplantation?

There are various different methods and techniques that are used for the beard transplantation process. In case you are planning to go through this operation, you may be wanting to know about these techniques. One technique for this process is DHI method, which stands for “direct hair implantation”. Meanwhile another technique for this transplantation process is FUT, which is “follicular unit transplantation”. Then there is also the FUE method. Basically FUE method stands for follicular unit extraction and it is a very popular method used for this procedure.

How is Beard Transplantation Performed with the FUE Method?

As we have just stated, there are many different methods that are used for the beard transplantation procedures. Among these methods, the FUE technique is a highly popular option and it basically means follicular unit extraction. Since it can be a fairly advantageous technique when compared to the other methods that are available, it is popularly preferred. In this method of beard transplant, the surgeon takes the hair follicles individually from the donor site and places them to the beard area via very small cuts. Consequently, the scars left with this process are likely to be not very easily noticeable.

Can Beard Transplantation and Hair Transplantation Be Done Together?

If you want to go through both the beard transplantation and hair transplantation processes, you may be wondering whether they can be done together or not. Simply put, we can say that it depends on a variety of things. For example, the experience of the surgeon is a significant factor to consider. In order to carry out these two processes at the same time, planning must be done properly and the skill set of the surgeon should be adequate. Also, since these processes require local anesthesia, whether the patient’s body can handle it or not is important, too.

Is There Any Pain During Beard Transplantation?

When it comes to medical procedures such as this one, one thing that people who are considering to go through these operations want to know about can be if the process is painful or not. Basically, during the beard transplantation process, local anesthesia is used. So we can say that this procedure can be a relatively pain-free operation. During the surgery, it is possible to feel a bit unpleasant. Then when you are going through the healing process, the area can become irritated. However, if the procedure is done correctly this shouldn’t be a huge problem.

How to Make a Painless Beard Transplantation?

As we have just stated, due to the use of local anesthesia during this process, beard transplantation can be a procedure that you can go through without too much pain. However, you might still be feeling a bit intimidated about this procedure and wonder about how to go through this process in a fairly pain-free way. For this it is important that you pick the best clinic for beard transplantation that you can find. And make sure to follow your doctor’s directions during all of the process, including when the area is healing.

Can a beard transplant be done on the scarred area (such as a burn scar)?

There may be many reasons why you might be wanting to go through a transplantation process such as this one. For instance, due to genetics some beards may not be growing in an aesthetically pleasing way. Or in some cases, certain disorders can cause beard loss. Also, accidents such as burns and cuts can cause the beard shape to be affected. Depending on the situation, beard transplantation can be done to cover up the area. For this you can contact us and get more information about it.

Where is Hair Root Made for Beard Transplantation?

During the beard transplantation procedures, hair follicles are taken from another area of the body, which we refer to as the donor site. For different kinds of hair transplant operations, different parts of the body may be chosen as the donor site. While this decision may depend on the type of the hairs, generally the back or the sides of the head are used as the donor site. So for the beard transplant operation the donor site is often the sides of the back of the head.

Is Beard Shedding After Beard Transplantation?

One of the common things that many people are wondering about the beard transplantation procedures is whether the beard sheds after the operation or not. Basically, the beard can shed fully or partially after the transplant process. However this is not something to be concerned about and it is a natural part of the beard transplant healing process. Moreover, although rarely, in some people the shedding process may not happen. Just like in any other hair transplantation procedure hair falling is not a reason for worry. After six months to a year, the beard will likely start to grow back.

How Long Does Beard Transplantation Take?

Another thing that you may be curious about regarding beard transplantation procedures can be how long it takes. The transplantation operation usually lasts for somewhere around two to five hours. Then the full recovery process often takes eight to nine months to a year. After some time, beard shedding can happen and in a couple of months it should start growing back. Then after the full recovery, the beard gets its final look.

Are There Any Risks of Beard Transplantation?

Just like you may be wondering if this process is painful or not, you may also be curious about if there are any risks of beard transplantation. Well, there may be some risks associated with this procedure. For example, after the procedure there may be redness, pain, irritation or swelling on the area. Also, infection or nerve damage are other potential risks of this transplantation operation. Moreover, there can be some other risks as well, and subpar results are another possibility.

Why Turkey for Beard Transplantation?

If you want to go through this process, you might have been searching for best beard transplantation clinic over the internet. Then during your search you might have seen some places in Turkey. There are many people who prefer to come to Turkey for this procedure. You, too, may want to go through this operation in Turkey as well. Because here you can find relatively affordable prices and there are many well-trained professionals in this country who can carry out this operation.

Beard Transplant in Turkey

How to Choose the Best Beard Transplantation Center?

Since it is a very important procedure, beard transplant must be done by a surgeon who is an expert in this area. So now you may want to know how you can pick the best beard transplantation clinic for this operation. Simply put, make sure to choose a reliable and trusted clinic for this operation. And don’t forget to research enough information about the clinic that you will pick and the surgeon who will perform the procedure.

What are Beard Transplant Prices?

The beard transplantation prices may vary depending on many different things such as the clinic in which the procedure will be done and the surgeon who will do the operation. If you want to get some detailed information about the prices of this procedure, you can contact us.

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