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Hair transplantation is a procedure preferred by people who suffer from hair loss, baldness or thinning hair for various reasons. One of the questions that our patients who contact us for hair transplantation often ask is what time of year the surgery should be performed. In this article we will inform you about this issue.


What is the Suitable Season for Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a procedure that can be performed for 12 months without waiting for a specific season. However, there are several factors that need to be considered after the operation at certain times of the year.

 Hair Transplantation in Winter

Winter is one of the most suitable seasons for hair transplantation. Since the weather is cold, the person does not sweat and the healing process is accelerated. Winter season is preferred for the operation because the area where the operation is performed should not be exposed to sunlight.

However, after the transplantation in winter, care should be taken to avoid problems caused by rain. If you want to wear a hat to protect yourself from the rain, it should not be an ordinary hat. You should wear a hat that is wide enough and will not cause infection in the surgical area.

Hair Transplantation in Winter

Hair Transplant in the Summer Season

During the summer months, you can comfortably undergo hair transplantation just like any other month, but there are some things you need to be aware of during the healing process.

People sweat more during the high temperatures, which slows down the healing process and increases the risk of infection. It is also recommended that you do not engage in any additional activities that could cause sweating during the summer months after a hair transplant. More attention should also be paid to sun exposure during the summer months. The hair transplant area should be protected from direct sunlight during the first month.

After the procedure, it is recommended to stay away from sea water and chlorinated water in swimming pools to avoid negative effects on the treated area.

Hair transplants are successful regardless of the season if you use the care methods recommended by your doctor and follow the important points to be observed during the healing process.

The success of the procedure depends not only on these factors, but also on the quality, success and doctors of the center where you have the procedure performed.

Hair Transplant in the Spring Season

The spring season is suitable for hair transplantation. Since temperatures have not yet risen, people sweat less. There is also less sunlight, so the hair transplant area is less affected by sunlight.

Hair Transplant in the Fall Season

Just like spring, autumn is also suitable for hair transplantation. Since the weather is mild, people do not sweat and the hair transplant area is less affected by sunlight.

What Should the Post-Hair Transplant Care Process Be Like?

  • The First Few Days of Care

After the procedure, the care of the area is very important. In general, hair should not be washed for the first 3 days after the procedure, and the first hair washing will be done by your doctor. However, you may need to clean the hair transplant area with a special solution according to your doctor’s instructions.

  • Regular Washing

After your doctor’s first washing, it is recommended that you wash the transplant area regularly with the shampoo and method recommended by your doctor at the frequency they suggest.

  • Protect From the Sun

Keep the hair transplant area away from the sun until it has healed. Sun rays can cause irritation in the transplanted area and negatively affect the healing process.

  • Monitor the Healing Process

The healing process varies from person to person. Be sure to attend the appointments your doctor has given you and closely monitor your healing process.

What Factors Affect the Success of Hair Transplantation?

What Factors Affect the Success of Hair Transplantation?

In hair transplantation, which can be performed at any time of the year if the necessary precautions are taken, there are some factors that influence the success of the operation. We can list them as follows:

  • Quality of Hair Transplant Center and Surgeon’s Experience

The quality of the hair transplant center, surgeon, and the team working together with the surgeon is one of the most important factors that affect the success of the transplantation. The quality of the techniques and equipment used during the operation also affects the results.

  • Preparation Before Hair Transplantation

Healthy diet, avoiding smoking and alcohol as much as possible, hair care, stress management before the surgery have a positive effect on the success of the surgery and the recovery process.

  • General Health Status of the Patient

For a successful surgery, it should be clarified in advance whether the patient is a suitable candidate for hair transplantation and what his general health condition is. A healthy lifestyle and the absence of chronic diseases are other factors that influence the success of the operation.

In conclusion, there are many factors that influence the success of a hair transplant. Therefore, people who decide to undergo hair transplantation should be well informed before the procedure. They should be aware of the factors that should be considered after the surgery in the particular season, what they should pay attention to during the recovery process and what they should know about the care process.

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What Season Should Hair Transplant Be Done?
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