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Should I have a hair transplant in Turkey?

If the question is on your mind hair transplant in Turkey, we recommend you to read the article we have prepared for you. You know that our hair is the most important part of our appearance. For reasons beyond our control, our hair may not look the way we want. A disease we have had may have caused this condition or our genetics may have caused hair loss or no hair growth. However, we can change ourselves to look the way we want. Thanks to the hair transplant process, this is possible. As it is known, Turkey is among the leading countries in the field of health. With the help of advanced techniques and expert doctors, you can get the hair you want. Having full, shiny hair is now simple with hair transplantation.

Why is Turkey Preferred for Hair Transplantation?

Turkey is developing day by day in the health sector and raising World standards to the top. Due to its geographical location, many patients from different countries come to visit Turkey for hair transplantation. But the main purpose of patient visits is to doctors and hospitals that have developed in this field. For hair transplant in Turkey the number of patients coming to our country has reached 500,000. Thanks to our developing technology, hair transplant techniques, and price performance, Turkey has become one of the most important countries in health tourism.

Do We Need to Wait for a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

With the increasing interest in hair transplantation in Turkey, hair transplantation centers have also started to be in demand. In countries such as England or the USA, those who want to have a hair transplant can wait an average of 2-3 months. But, thanks to the increasing number of hair transplant in Turkey, this accumulation is prevented and hair transplantation can be performed in a short time.

What are the hair transplant methods applied in Turkey?

Hair transplant techniques are more and more prevalent in Turkey. I will try briefly explain the most famous of them:

1-FUT Technique: is outdated and good hospitals do not use it. It leaves a large scar on the donor part of the scalp. The number of received grafts for transplantation is small and the recovery process is longer.

2-FUE Technique: It is the most popular technique in hair transplantation. Hair follicles are taken one by one from the donor area and transplanted into pre-prepared incisions. The result looks natural and without visible scars on the head. Recovery time is also shorter.

3-Sapphire FUE Technique: In the developed sapphire FUE technique, the channels are opened with real sapphire tips, not steel tips. Since the channels are opened at a micro level, the tissue is not damaged much and crusting is minimized. The scalp heals faster and there is no scar.

4-DHI technique: A technique in which grafts are transplanted using a special pen (CHOI needle). For this procedure, it is not necessary to make preliminary incisions on the head, so the procedure time is much less.


Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant in Turkey

How to Use Hair Transplant Techniques?

It is possible to collect the hair root with one technique and transplant it with the other technique. You can learn which one to use during the preliminary interview with your hair transplant doctor.

Does the Healing Process Take Long After Hair Transplantation?

Turkey uses modern methods in hair transplant technology. Thanks to these techniques, the healing process has become quick. You can return to your work life within two days after hair transplantation. When you come to Turkey for hair transplantation, you do not need to stay for a long time.

Is There Any Scar After Hair Transplantation?

After the hair transplant operation, the doctor who performs the procedure makes recommendations that we should pay attention to. Patients follow these recommendations and share the changes they observe with their doctor. Since no incision is made during the procedure, there is no scar. The operation is successful.

Should I Have a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Traveling abroad for a hair transplant  is a difficult decision. Before taking this decision, patients want to learn about all the stages of the hair transplant process. They usually want to see the photos before and after the procedure and exchange ideas with the doctor. Health consultants in Turkey make this process very easy. It explains the questions you have in mind in detail. They do their best for your comfort and health.

Advantages of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Let’s list the advantages of why Turkey should be preferred for hair transplantation;

-Our doctors are successful in this regard, as there is a big demand for hair transplant in Turkey.

-Hair transplantation is performed by experienced people in this field.

-The clinics offer you professional service.

-Hair transplantation equipment is modern and advanced.

-There are luxury hotels where you can stay during a hair transplant.

-Convenient geographical location.

Are Hair Transplant Prices Affordable in Turkey?

Hair transplantation in Turkey is 60-70% more affordable compared to European and American prices. Every year, thousands of patients visit our country for hair transplantation. Highly qualified doctors with many years of experience use the latest equipment. And the result from the FUE, DHI, and Sapphire FUE techniques looks as natural as possible.

Hair Transplant in Turkey
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