Is It Possible to Lose the Pre-existing Hair After Hair Transplantation?

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Hair loss is generally considered a normal function of the body. In fact, approximately 50-100 hair loss occurs per day. However, it is necessary to distinguish between normal hair loss and loss of transplanted hair follicles.

Is Hair Loss Normal After Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss may continue for a while after hair transplantation. You should not forget that hair loss after hair transplantation is a normal situation and this is a reaction of the body to trauma during hair transplantation.

Hair loss, known as “sudden hair loss”, starts 1-2 weeks after hair transplantation. This situation generally continues between 1-3 after the operation. In this process, there are 3 different hair types: loss of transplanted hair, loss of unplanted hair and loss of hair in the donor area. spillage may occur.Is it possible to lose the Pre-existing Hair After Hair Transplantation?

Why Does Existing Hair Shed After Hair Transplantation?

Hair hair has 3 different phases: growth, transition and resting. The resting phase is when the roots shed their hair. After the trauma of the surgery, the hairs can go into the resting phase. The main traumatic events experienced by hair follicles during hair transplant surgery are:

  • Cutting the hair follicle and separating it from the blood supply
  • Re-implantation of the hair follicle on the scalp
  •  Affecting the surrounding hair follicles from incision and anesthesia
  •  Loss of transplanted hair

After hair transplantation, the transplanted roots and transplanted hair stay in their new places for 1-2 weeks. The follicles in this period go into the resting phase and then their hair starts to fall out. This sudden hair loss may start 10 days after hair transplantation and continue up to 12 weeks. This hair loss process does not mean that the transplanted hair cannot adapt to the new hair series.

After some hair transplantation procedures, it can be seen that the hair that has not been transferred can also be lost. Many fine or tiny hairs may remain between your newly transplanted hair. These pre-existing hairs may also fall out during the healing process. Like the transferred hair, these unplanted natural hairs can also fall out due to the resting phase of their roots after the trauma of surgery.

Immediate shedding of unplanted hair may occur 2 weeks after the operation. However, this can happen months later. Shedding in these hairs is very rare and all the hair that has been lost grows back over time.

Is It Possible to Lose the Pre-existing Hair After Hair Transplantation?
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