Could Hair Transplantation Be Impossible?

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Hair transplantation operations can be performed successfully when some basic factors are fulfilled. However, in some cases this may not be possible.

Could Hair Transplantation Be Impossible?

Why Hair Transplant Procedures Fail?

Hair transplantation operations may fail depending on the experience of the doctor, the care procedures applied and other medical reasons. The reasons for the failure of hair transplant operations can be explained as follows:

1. Inexperience of the Surgeon

Hair transplantation procedures, like other surgical procedures, require practicality and experience. Insufficient experience of the doctor performing the procedure may lead to failure.

It is very important for the surgeon to remove the hair from the rotation area and transfer it to the target area in a practical way. The use of inappropriate techniques, the surgeon’s insufficient experience in hair transplantation may cause the desired success to not be achieved.

2. Inadequate Post-Surgery Care

Taking good care of yourself after hair transplantation is as important as the operation. After hair transplant surgery, you must follow the care instructions that your doctor will recommend.

Scratching your scalp and washing your hair with the wrong methods can make it difficult for newly planted hair follicles to stay alive.

In some cases, serious infections of the scalp can occur due to unfavorable hygiene conditions. In addition, overexposure to the sun or doing exercises that may cause sweating may cause hair transplant procedures to fail.

3. Not being a suitable candidate for hair transplantation

Hair transplantation can be a wonderful procedure that changes people’s lives. However, you should remember that not everyone is a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery.

Your surgeon should consider the future effects of hair loss patterns and evaluate genetic factors before performing a hair transplant procedure. In addition, insufficient and weak hairs to be taken from the donor area may cause the process to fail.

4. The Failure Delusion

Even if the applied hair transplant procedures are not unsuccessful, sometimes not patiently waiting for the results may lead to the misconception that they have failed. Hair transplant surgery is actually only the first stage of this process. Then the healing process takes place over a longer period of time.

It is wrong to think that the operation has failed before this process is completed and you have not waited long enough for your hair to grow. Because, you can usually start to see the results of hair transplantation after 12 months or more.

In order to achieve the successful results you desire with hair transplantation, you must consider the above factors and wait patiently to see the results.

Could Hair Transplantation Be Impossible?
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