From Which Areas Are Roots Taken in Hair Transplantation? How efficient is it?

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In hair transplant operations, donor areas consist of the nape, beard, chest, back, legs and arms. The selection of the donor area is a situation that is decided after the hair analysis to be made. Hair density, shedding area, baldness area, hair thickness, etc., which differ from person to person. It is necessary to choose the most appropriate treatment with the features. This transfer process is the most important step of the hair transplant operation.

Rooting Process in Hair Transplantation

Among the related regions, the most preferred one by doctors is the nape. Other areas are used when the nape area is missing and not sufficient. The hair follicles located in the areas other than the nape of the human body play a very durable role in shedding. With the discovery of this role, hair follicles in other parts of the body are frequently used for these operations, especially recently. With the use of FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) on hair follicles taken from the determined donor areas, the procedure can be easily applied to individuals who have no hair at all.

Before the operation, the stages of the treatment process and the final result are explained to the patients. It is mentioned how long the transfer process will take place and the desired shape will be achieved. In this section, the patients are informed that the hairs taken out of the nape area will not have hair-specific thickness and density. It is also a known fact that the hairs taken from this root cannot grow as fast as the hair.

Efficiency Level by Regions

Operation efficiency differs from person to person as well as according to the area of operation. Especially in the hairs taken from the beard, it is in question to meet the demand at a large rate. Beard hair is thicker than hair. The diameter of an average hair strand varies between 0.04 and 0.06 mm. In beard, this average is between 0.08 and 0.1.

After the operation, if an additional treatment is requested, the repair of the transfer area from the body takes 6 months. After 6 months, it is possible to perform additional procedures from the same place again.

Roots taken from the nape are usually used on the front hairline line to achieve a more natural look. However, since the operation method will be shaped according to the patient’s preference and the doctor’s recommendations, there may be differences in the applications. Likewise, the efficiency level of the result obtained may vary.

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