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Turkey Hair Academy is a renounced clinic for hair and hair loss treatment with guaranteed results in Turkey for patients from different countries!

The team from Turkey Hair Academy has been working in the field of hair transplantation, treatment and recovery from hair loss for more than 10 years. Serving only in this area is the main source of extensive experience in the clinic. The interest of our team of Turkey Hair Academy is in stem cell treatment, transplantation and hair restoration. This led them to study the best methods in this field. The hair restoration medical organizations and the congresses at which they were present gave them an excellent perspective in hair transplantation and thus improved the quality of their patient care. Trough the 10 year-experience of our team, we achieve outstanding results of hair transplantation using FUE and DHI for 10 years. Therefore, they are in demand by an extensive international clientele.

Our clinic is based in the center of Istanbul. The operations are performed at hospital which has A-Plus standarts, as well as JCI International Certificate.

JCI (Joint Commission International) is the largest and oldest medical regulatory  organization in the world. It is an international non-profit organization that improves the  quality of service and patient safety in medical institutions, evaluates the level of professional  training of doctors and other medical personnel, technological and administrative  infrastructure. JCI accreditation is the gold standard for medical organizations seeking to  improve the quality of medical services. This is the most objective and prestigious  international certification. JCI-accredited clinics and medical centers meet the highest  international medical and administrative standards. JCI certificates testify to impeccable management and the highest quality of medical services. The JCI accreditation certificate at  the clinic is regarded as the highest reputation in the international medical world and an  unconditional guarantee of trust for foreign patients traveling outside their home country in  search of high-quality medical services.


The most important criteria that determine success with a hair transplant:

Experience – The fact that we have performed hair transplant operations for thousands of patients over 10 years allows us to better understand the needs of our patients.

Field of Professionalism – Hair transplants should be performed by a doctor specializing in this field. In addition to hair loss, patients can have different health problems; Since there are only certified doctors in our clinic, the necessary examinations can then be carried out and the diagnosis made. Our doctors will determine the suitability of patients with various hair problems for hair transplantation and provide them with detailed information on what to do during and after the operation.

Natural appearance – For a hair transplant to be successful with a natural looking result, the front hairline must be designed according to the facial features of the person and the structure of the head. This requires both experience and an aesthetic perspective.

Understanding the patient – The starting point for the operation is consultation and examination. At this stage, it is particularly important to understand the patient in order to analyze the patient’s needs and plan them correctly.

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