What is the Importance of Age Factor in Hair Transplantation?

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Hair loss is a very common condition in both men and women. It is estimated that around 50 percent of women and 60 percent of men of all age groups experience hair loss. Also, about two-thirds of men experience hair loss before the age of 35.

Hair loss can also affect men in their early 20s. Hair loss at these ages can cause some aesthetic concerns.

Hormonal changes and genetic problems are the basis of most hair loss. Experiencing hair loss or baldness at a young age negatively affects a person’s appearance and self-confidence. In this case, hair transplantation may be the right option.

What is the Best Age for Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss and baldness can begin in some men in their 20s. However, these ages may not be suitable for hair transplantation. Because the reason for hair loss during this period is not completely clear. Also, in most people, hair loss is not yet complete. For this reason, the most suitable age for hair transplantation is 30 and over.

Individuals over the age of 65 usually have brittle hair. For this reason, hair transplantation may not be an effective solution for individuals over the age of 65. Also, a person who is completely bald or has very little hair cannot have a hair transplant. This situation can adversely affect the hair transplantation process depending on age.

Why Wait for Advanced Ages for Hair Transplantation?

When young individuals start to lose their hair, they may naturally feel the need to intervene immediately. In such cases, early hair transplantation may seem like a good option. But this option may not always be correct?

Young people should definitely consider that the transplanted hair will remain stable, but hair loss may continue. An unnatural appearance occurs as there may be more hair loss over the years. This situation may require hair transplantation and additional costs.

The age factor and the amount of hair that the individual has is very important in hair transplantation. In addition, depending on the results of the tests performed by the experts before the treatment, the most appropriate time for hair transplantation can be determined.

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